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Books & Brunch

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Toccara Nicole


Books & Brunch

This is an opportunity for current and prospective authors to network and empower one another! Oh…and why not do all this while eating brunch!


If you ever wanted to write a book, this is the place for you. If you have a book, yet desire to learn how to maximize your author’s authority, you definitely want to be there!



Entry for the “The Author's Happy Hour" Networking Mixer 

Brunch ticket 

The Mission of Books and Brunch:

Books and brunch was created as a networking and empowering experience for current and prospective authors.


This journey of authorship is one full of ups and downs. Books and brunch was created to bridge the gaps within the minds of current and prospective authors to help them to realize their journey within authorship leads them on the path called entrepreneurship.


Shifting the ship creates bridges and destroys barriers. This informational and inspirational experience causes authors to live, unlock, and rediscover their Author’s Authority. 

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Books & Brunch
Books & Brunch
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