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Meet Toccara Nicole

President & CEO of VOS Consulting and Publishing International, LLC

Toccara Nicole, is a 12- time author along with being a 2- time Amazon Best Selling author affectionately known as “The Identity Architect!” She works with Christian female entrepreneurs to build books, businesses, brands and themselves. She is passionate to help her clients discover what’s in their vault to unlock their personal and marketplace identity by using her powerful insight, discernment, and sensitivity! 


She loves to stand strong in her superpower of being a midwife igniting the fire within her clients to own the gems within their vaults to give birth to the many gifts they possess. 


As being the architect to authors, VOS Consulting and Publishing International creates, cultivates, and launches authors, entrepreneurs, and storytellers into position to monetize their genius. She equips her clients to shift the “ship” by introducing authorship as a form of entrepreneurship!

As the COO of InfluencHER Magazine, a lifestyle magazine, and movement for women founded by the CEO herself, Caige Phoenix,  Toccara also serves as a master storyteller and “celebrity media maven” as she is gifted to interview people from all walks of life. 


To know Toccara Nicole is to love her as the D.O.P.E. (Directed On Purpose Everyday) classy, the creative lady she is! 

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"Toccara has such a gift for hearing what you don't say and helping you transfer that into words. By helping you rest squarely in who you are and unlocking those things that hinder you. It then helps you birth the book and story that God has placed inside you. The encouragement and, at times, tough love to be disciplined, helped achieve what God set before me and the delivery of my book."

"Toccara is the author guru! She has not only equipped me in writing my book but laid a foundation of understanding my purpose and digging deep to manifest my full potential in my journey of becoming an author. If you're looking for a coach, she's definitely the person you need on your team."

"Working with Toccara Nicole has been so refreshing. She is such a light and provides great insights for her clients. As one of her clients, I have gotten so many AH-HA's from her creative, spiritual, and IN YOUR FACE delivery and absolutely love it, because she believes in what she does as well as in her clients. It is so nice to have her accountability and expertise help me shine in my gifts."

"Working with Toccara has been such a pleasure. Her desire to see you WIN is without a doubt evident. She will lovingly push you out of your comfort zone, and guide you to be the author you aspire to be. Toccara is a true encourager and will believe in you while going through the writing process. The genuine and caring spirit she possesses allows you to build an amazing rapport with her. She is my top notch recommendation." 

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